National Science Week 2015

National Science Week 2015 launched on Friday 14th August, with Level 3 and 4 students participating in a rotation of science-based activities. The activities covered observation skills, forming hypotheses, ‘wondering’ and questioning, data collection and analyses, experimental extensions and theory testing. The subjects and objects of scientific study included bugs, plants, rolling balls, colliding vehicles and the effects of high-intensity exercise on human reflexes.

The highlight of Science Week was a Science Night on Tuesday 18th August. This involved a range of classroom activities designed to stimulate curiosity and thinking among students, as well as interested friends and families who attended. The evening finished with a presentation on recent astronomical occurrences by Astronomer and Manchester PS’s CSIRO Scientists in Schools partner, Mark Beavis.

‘Science night was a huge success. It was great to see so many students and families attend and participate in the many wonderful Science activities in classrooms…Thanks to the efforts of our own in-school scientist, Mrs Keating, for organising such a great whole-school event and to the teachers for setting up and opening up our classrooms to make it such a hit.’ (Peter Jenkins, School Principal).


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